Currently speaking, there are many cloud storage solutions that allow data to be housed on a network, generating a remote copy and that is accessible from any Internet-connected device. Cloud computing is a way of consuming technology as a service (application, computing and storage), without investment, secured and accessible from anywhere. This revolutionary service offers businesses huge savings by eliminating their initial investments. It allows for low variable costs according to consumption. The current trend toward cloud computing offers many advantages for users and companies:

Cost savings in hardware and technical support.

Have a current copy (backup) of your data is always current.

Your data available and accessible.

Share large files without using attachments in the mail.

A simple and user-friendly environment for managing data.

It is true that cloud storage from secure share can be free, but of course these services are limited, and often times there is not enough space. The main problem is data privacy. Currently both users and companies handle a lot of sensitive information, but with the tools provided to people through mobile technology, these tools can cause a security breach. With the small amount of information displayed on each interface, people can lose control of what is visible and what is editable.

What are the benefits offered to companies?

It lets businesses focus on generating value and innovation.

It reduces costs of both initial and subsequent maintenance.

Increases productivity and thus the competitiveness of enterprises.

Increases availability of computer services.

Accelerates the implementation of new applications and services (time to market).


It helps to avoid investments in assets such as hardware and software.

You pay only for the required use.

It is always updated daily.

Businesses can adjust the service or grow at any time.

Is cloud computing worth it?

Cloud services through secureshare can increase the efficiency of organizations by reducing costs. There is a pattern that is set for each organization and its needs, whether large or small. There are only a few companies that offer a complete solution to cloud computing, combining the three types of cloud services, including public and private. It also manages to combine the applications installed with online services through a flexible solution that covers every need. When hiring a company to oversee cloud services, it is best to find one that helps you define your strategy and progressively adopt new technologies in order to benefit from increased competitiveness and productivity.